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We are happy you’ve chosen to receive a FREE quote from Lush Lawn. We appreciate your inquiry into our services. Here is a list of some of our other popular services that you might find beneficial. If you are interested, feel free to mention any of these additional services in the comment section of your FREE quote form located to the right.

  • Grub Killer
  • Grub Prevention
  • Aeration
  • Slit Seeding
  • Tree Care Services
  • Mosquito Control
  • Perimeter Pest Control
  • Mole Contol

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Formed and Operating in Michigan, Lush Lawn has three full sized branches; Grand Blanc, Rochester Hills, and Brighton. Our branch offices are conveniently located to service most of South Eastern Michigan. We also have a satellite branch in Saginaw to treat parts of mid-Michigan. As we grow, we will expand our areas of treatment. So if we are unable to provide you with a quote because we currently don’t service your area at this time, we very well may in the future!

If you have any additional questions, or would prefer to call our offices directly. We can be reached at our toll free number 866-668-5296

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