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Taking care of your property is only half of what we strive to do at Lush Lawn. We also want to provide excellent customer service before and after we arrive at your home or business. So if you have any concern, whether big or small, don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention. We want to help you in any way we can. We appreciate your business and the trust you’ve placed in us as a service company.

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We’re interested in your opinions. Your opinions aren’t just “two cents” to us, they’re everything. At Lush Lawn we recognize the value of our customers .Your input is important to our companies ability to continue improving and providing better service year after year. So whether your feedback is negative or positive, we appreciate you taking the time to share it. Thank you. If you have any additional questions,or would prefer to call our offices directly. We can be reached at our toll free number 866-668-5296


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