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We provide Lawn Care Services in Plymouth, Michigan and all surrounding areas including Livonia, Westland, Canton, Northville, and Farmington Hills.

We provide Lawn Care Services in Plymouth, Michigan and all surrounding areas including Livonia, Westland, Canton, Northville, and Farmington Hills.

Lush Lawn is busy serving the many homes, businesses, and public properties of Plymouth, MI and its surrounding locations.

At Lush Lawn, we are known for our quality care and lasting impression we leave on the lawns we service. The residents of Southeast Michigan have enjoyed the health and beauty of their yards thanks to Lush Lawn. We provide lawn care, year-round landscape maintenance, as well as preventative weed, disease, and pest control. Lush Lawn gives our clients the opportunity to enjoy their lawns without the stress of lawn care. We pride ourselves on giving greater peace of mind to property owners in Southeast Michigan.

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Lawn Rodents

Moles and voles are lawn rodents that can cause serious damage to your lawn or yard. Moles burrow beneath your turf potentially digging up your yard. Voles like to feed on shrubs and flowers. At Lush Lawn, our pest control experts effectively remove pests to prevent further damage.

Lawn Care Diagnosis

By using a comprehensive lawn care diagnosis checklist, Lush Lawn experts identify issues and create a treatment plan. Once a diagnosis of soil and turf conditions is made, we will advise you on the best care plan.

Organic Lawn Care

Interested in organic lawn care? Lush Lawn provides 100% organic fertilizers as part of our organic lawn care service. You can have a green lawn and leave a positive impact on the environment.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is just as important as mowing because of the great benefit it provides. By breaking up compact soil, aeration allows for nutrients to reach grass roots. For holistic lawn care, Lush Lawn recommends lawn aeration.

Lawn Fertilization

Lush Lawn uses a 7-step fertilizer application that promotes growth and health throughout the year. This program ensures that your lawn has what it needs in every season, even during cold weather.

Weed Control

If you have had enough of invasive weeds, Lush Lawn is here to help. Our weed control program both kills weeds and makes it tough for them to come back. Enjoy your lawn without worrying about weeds.

Soil Treatment

The quality of your soil often determines the overall health of your  Lush Lawn’s soil treatment program ensures that the soil pH beneath the turf is balanced and the proper nutrients are introduced to the grassroots. 


Thin or patchy lawns can be remedied with professional overseeding services. If your lawn has bare spots, Lush Lawn technicians can help. The best recommendation for overseeding is to combine with aeration for the best results.

Lawn Diseases

It may be inevitable that your grass is affected by a lawn disease. Lush Lawn technicians are experienced in lawn illness and can quickly identify a threat. Our lawn doctors will get to the root of the problem and recommend a treatment plan to implement.

Lawn Insects

There are many lawn pests and insects in Michigan that would like nothing more than to snack on your beautiful property. From grubs and worms, to beetles, and more, Lush Lawn is dedicated to protecting your lawn from would-be infestations.​

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